About NYFitz

Being a coach is more than just guiding people on how to lift in a proper form, it is the ability to push others forward with your determination, compassion, skill, and will that’s what it takes to be a real athletic trainer. The career of a coach is an awesome choice because it gives you the ability to help others thrive, recover, and succeed not only as an athlete but in life. As their life will become more organized with more positive energy and great thoughts. My job as a coach is to change your life to the better and make you feel better about your health and body.  All the “before and after” results you see are people who started somewhere and decided to change their lifestyle to the best. Here at N&YFIT, you are provided with one of the best coaches and well experienced in the fitness industry. There are so many misconceptions about the fitness industry that people believe and my job is to clarify them for you and make things as easy and informative as possible. What makes N&YFIT unique from all the other websites is that you get weekly face-to-face call sessions with our coach, asking him whatever you want and need, besides our 24/7 email support. We also focus on delivering the information in its simplest form and making it as informative as possible. “Eating healthy is boring and flavorless” NOPE, that is why we are called N&YFIT. You will be given amazing, tasty, and fulling low-calorie high dense meals!!